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An Authentic 1880's cattle drive.

This is the real deal.

We promise you the trip of a lifetime.

Compared to us, City Slickers is a pony ride!!!!

This is reality. We don't schedule phony stampedes, cloudbursts, blizzards, rodeos, wagon wrecks, or brush fires. They happen all on their own!

Welcome to the Double Rafter. Check us out. You will come to find that we are the real deal. We are a real family-owned and working cattle ranch. To get a feel for what the cattle drives are all about, check out our video. We don't use paid actors. The footage on that video has come from past cattle drives using real people like you.

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Come help us as we promote the cattle drives on our Facebook page. You can click below to go directly to our new facebook page. If you are a past guest, feel free to like this page, add your comments and/or pictures. If you are an upcoming guest, also feel free to like and ask any questions. Be sure and watch for upcoming news from the ranch. Also feel free to join our open group on facebook under groups at "Double Rafter Cattle Drives Inc" and jump into any ongoing discussions. Enjoy the interaction and conversation as Trent brings the group up to date on daily ranch happenings.


We now have an Online Registration feature. You are able to fill out your guest registration for a Doublerafter Cattle Drive online. Just click on the link below, to do it today.


Click here to fill out the Guest Registration form for a Doublerafter Cattle Drive.

We have been written about in several different media outlets. We have included several links here for your reading pleasure.

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LinkCattle Drive Vacation Travel Tips From the Experts

Equitrekking has done an article on cattle drive vacation travel tips from the experts and interviewed the Doublerafter's very own Dana Kerns. Click on this link to read the full article.

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LinkWestern Farmer Stockman Magazine

Western Farmer Stockman Magazine wrote an article on "Real Life City Slickers" and featured the Doublerafter Cattle Drives.

DocumentPrime Living Magazine
Prime Living Magazine, billed as "The Luxury Lifestyle Magazine of Texas" did a bucket list article on Doublerafter Cattle Drives

You should also go to the Newsletter and Trip Reports pages and check out the previous cattle drives and life at the ranch. If you are interested in a trip, contact us via our 'contact us' link.

If you choose to join us on a trip, you will not be disappointed. We promise this will be the trip of a lifetime. The following picture depicts one very happy guest..

However, you don't have to take our word for it. See what past guests have said on our 'testimonials' page. The following is an example of one testimonial:

Top Ten Reasons Why Camping with Double Rafter is Better than Staying in a Hotel. by H.J. Siegel, July 2010

  • 10. You do not have to remember to lock your room door.

  • 9. There is no need to set the room thermostat.

  • 8. You do not have to worry that the water boiler will break down.

  • 7. People cannot bother you with work by email or cell phone.

  • 6. There is free 24/7 emergency medical care just minutes away, and no insurance card needed.

  • 5. There is no extra charge for unlimited beer.

  • 4. You never have to flush.

  • 3. You have no need to request "wake-up calls; they are provided automatically.

  • 2. You have a daily chance to win the use of special white saddlebags.

  • 1. You never have to wonder what you will have for lunch.

You can register online by clicking on the Online Registration link below. Come join us for the trip of a lifetime and write your own top ten list. Again, thank you for visiting us and we hope to see you soon on a cattle drive.


Click here to fill out the Guest Registration form for a Doublerafter Cattle Drive.

Dana and Alice

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