September Cattle Drive


6 Days / 6 Nights

Horsemanship Clinic

1-3 Camp Moves

Final Night at Holiday Inn & Convention Center

Complimentary Photography

During the month of September, we will gather the high country of the Big Horn Mountains.  Since ranching is a business there will be some cattle taken off the mountain, but how many depends entirely on range conditions and economics.   But that is why we are the number 1 cattle drive out there, because ours are completely real!   It could be the entire herd or it could be the yearling heifers.  If we take off any number less than the entire herd it takes an entire day of cutting cattle on horse back. With the instruction from our top cattle handling people, you will be instructed and shown how to do it properly.  If you are into team penning, you will learn more than you can imagine.  It’s amazing but half the people out there who own cattle, don’t know the proper way to do it either.  A cow never does anything without telling you what she is going to do before she does it.  Are you cowboy enough to read it, then send the message to your horse fast enough, to either encourage or discourage what the cow just told you she was going to do?  Come find out and improve your skills!

As we are a real working ranch, the start date of this trip hinges on several factors and will vary from year to year. This 6 day / 6 night drive is just the reverse of our June and July trips and covers the same 45-55 scenic miles. Our cuisine is made from Dutch ovens and you will sleep in wall tents or teepee tents. Your gear will follow the herd by chuck wagon or pack mule.

The biggest difference between our fall and spring trips is that in September, we spend the first two days gathering the high Alpine meadows in preparation to head down the Little Horn Canyon. Remember, our mountain pasture covers 60,000 acres which makes gathering an enormous task. The brilliant yellow aspen trees against the dark green pines can make this trip the most fantastic of the year. Most guests who have done both trips definitely prefer the fall. Yes, occasionally we get snow, but in the Big Horns, we have been snowed on every month of the year.

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